Jamie Formanek is a girl with a fascination for anything horrifying or out of the ordinary. While most kids shy away from scary things, Jamie revels in them.
Currently she is a student at Watertown High School, and has been for the last two years. She is originally from Minot AFB (Air Force Base), North Dakota, where she was born and raised to the age of 15. She grew up with her three sisters; Ashley, 22, Brittany, 19, and Sammy, 15.
When not going to school, Jamie works at the library. She loves to read, particularly horror and supernatural stories. Aside from reading, Jamie also loves to write stories and poetry. It was this love of writing and reading that attracted the attention of her friend, Sara, who convinced her to come to this journalism camp. Jaime even rode from Watertown to Brookings with Sara and her mother.
Jaime plans on coming to South Dakota State University when she graduates next year and saw this as an opportunity to explore the campus. She plans on becoming a psychologist or a librarian.
Some unique things about Jaime, aside from her horror fascination, are that she does not watch TV, but she is a big movie fan. She likes dark colors and her favorite is black.
Jaime has struggled with asthma for a major part of her life but does not let it stop her from doing fun, exciting things. Some of these things that she wants to do before she dies are bungee jumping, parachuting, and riding the world’s fastest roller coaster. When asked why she wants to do these things she said, “Because of the horrifying excitement it has.”



J-camp welcomes Pine Ridge resident




In South Dakota many people share a love of fishing, hunting, swimming, hiking or any other imaginable outdoor adventure. Edward TwoHawk is no exception to this tradition.


TwoHawk was born in Torrington, Wyo. When he was three years old he moved to Pine Ridge, S.D. Up until now, he has enjoyed the South Dakota life; becoming a true Midwestern.


Along with his naturalistic side, TwoHawk also is a sentimental writer, capable of expressing his inner most thoughts from idea to word. TwoHawk is currently attending a journalism camp at SDSU. He was chosen from his school to attend the camp because he is a true to the heart, well developed, creative young journalist.


“I enjoy writing because I am able to express my thoughts and feelings.” said 11th grader Ed TwoHawk.


Among his hodgepodge of other interests, Ed loves: the color green, the TV show Spongeob Squarepants, stars, Chinese food (who doesn’t), fishing, baseball, and the famous actor Jon Seda.


SpongeBob Squarepants is awesome and will make any human soul laugh.” said TwoHawk.


TwoHawk hopes to graduate high school in 2012, continue to college and to some day have a family of his own. The scratched surface of TwoHawk has just been breeched as his J-camp experience continues with new friends, new knowledge, and hopes to become the writer he has always wanted to be.

Should you be a queen by the time you’re six? Probably not, however, Queen Ashlynn of the Southern Smiths requested that a red sweater be knit by one of her most faithful servants (me) and so it is. Granted, she asked for the sweater in November and got it in March – just in time for the spring thaw – but it is still a red sweater.

This delight was knit from one of my new favorite knitting books, More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, by Joelle Hoverson. This book has a good number of patterns I would like to try. It is a good sign that I’ve already made one project from the book and have plans for several more. Perhaps some pointed elf hats? Who knows. Often my knitting books arrive in the mail, I page through looking at the pretty pictures, and nothing more comes from it.

Anyway, this is the Cozy, Comfy Pullover. I made zero mods to the pattern, but was not terribly pleased with the decreases, which fortunately only show up on the back. I may not have placed them correctly, but I found the instructions for doing so somewhat confusing. I am not proud to report I was too lazy too look up any errata. Now that I know how it’s supposed to work I probably won’t have the same problem in the future. And I do see a Susan-sized version in the future, perhaps in some cream yarn, ala the book example.

I did receive preliminary approval from The Queen herself prior to its completion. And when I mailed said regent the completed product, screams of joy were reported in throughout the land. That’s really all a knitter can ask, isn’t it? Until later Faithful Reader …

A person was just in my office telling me about a tweet he made today, chronicling the fact that he wished his car smelled like the taste of orange Tic-Tacs. This is going to be my answer from now on to “why should I get up in the morning.” Obviously, if gems like this await me in the universe, I need to get out of bed to be ready to receive them.

In other news, I made two doll sweaters. Actually, since the first of the year I’ve made many things besides these two doll sweaters. I have been a veritable knitting machine for small projects. But today, all you get are these two sweaters. They were prepared for the American Girl doll I gave my niece for Christmas this year. She was quite excited by them, although she implied that pants should have come with them. I am working on it! Give me a break. I am tired. Anyway, here they are. And maybe later this week, or year, I will get the pants made and also blog my other knitted projects. Are you on the edge of your seat faithful reader? Stay tuned…

which I plan to glue on pine cones, after crocheting each of the heads a little hat. I will then attach some ribbon to the pine cone and use it to make an ornament. This will involve a reunion with my glue gun. I hope it isn’t too put out at the length of our separation. Blame the knitting.

I counted my Ravelry projects before the New Year arrived and discovered I had finished at least one project a month in 2010. Not a bad total for someone who works full time, is pursuing a master’s degree and manages to log a lot of road miles. So far 2011 is continuing in the same vein.

Feast your eyes on these lovelies:

This American Girl ensemble still needs the jacket and hat. I was supposed to have completed this by New Year's but it didn't happen. This was for my niece. I gave her the American Girl doll for Christmas. The outfit and doll were a hit. I discovered she is a big fan of loud colors paired together. Good to know, especially for the niece of Ms. Earth Tones.

Corrine Kallemeyn is one of my bestest besties and professed to love wearing scarves when she presented me with one for Christmas last year. I hope this was true as I knit up one of my souvenir skeins into this lovely. It can be worn with a coat or as an accessory, I think. It's fairly thin so it's probably not going to be much good at keeping out the cold of South Dakota's Midwinter.

I disovered the Knitted Neck Scarf when the Mason Dixons blogged about this pattern in November or something and I thought it was super cool. I think it would look great with a pea coat or tasteful cardigan, possibly in black. I may have one or two. Just saying. This project was not easy for me to figure out although I think it was supposed to be. Now that I know what I'm doing I plan to crank out three or four more - one for every cardigan. Cardigans for everyone.

And last but not least – the last finished item of 2010: Lisa’s scarf. Lisa is the Queen of the Universe, but unfortunately, given the title, she is unable to keep track of her scarves. I gave her a scarf last year for Christmas that she sadly left at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart shoppers, being wise to a good deal when they see one, snatched that scarf right up. So here is part two. I knit this in plain garter stitch which is my favorite stitch at the moment. Low stress, quick turnaround, satisfaction guaranteed.


I hope 2011’s productivity trend continues. I want this to be the year the Moderne Log Cabin blanket finds its way to the FO pile. It’s been hanging around for about six years. Here’s the short list of more projects designated for finished status before we ring in another new year:

1. Crochet-a-long afghan

2. Little Blue Sweater, started for the Winter Olympics last year.

3. Granny Square bag

4. Golf Club Covers

5. American Girl outfit

I’ve also begun the 2011 Clean Out the Stash Project. So stay tuned Faithful Reader. I hope to have more progress to report in short order.

In order to get some things put together for a fall open house, I managed to finish something.

This is a set of three small scarves that can double as cowls. They originated as sharply reduced yarn on Lion Brand. The ruffle texture is fun to create although a little time consuming. But they would make great gifts for a teenager or someone who likes a modish accessory.

My love of Noro has morphed into a love of shawl-knitting. At the end of summer I had several projects going that weren’t likely to get finished in the near future due to lack of interest and the knitting intensity required.

So I cast on for the first of these shawls and managed to crank them both out in two months. Seeing something leave the knitting basket for good was enough incentive to get me back on the knitting bandwagon. I had been fairly discouraged about how long my projects were taking and how unsatisfactory at least one of them was when I finished it. I am really struggling with fit on items I make for myself. The gauge is fine but the necks are often way too wide for me. I did not like. Fortunately, there’s no fitting with shawls and I like how both of these looked when I modeled them. Not granny at all, and just right for the air conditioning/odd climate in my office. One minute you’re freezing, the next you’re roasting.

I’ve now moved on to re-purposing some of the rejects into new sweaters that I hope won’t have gaping necks. And as usual, there are several things in the knitting basket I need to finish up. It’s getting crowded in there.