And here we have the little striped vest that restored my faith in knitting after various attempts at sweaters for Susan turned up a bust. This I think is a delightful knit. It is from the Barnes and Noble Basics series for knitting and crochet. It includes some cool patterns and good instructional techniques.

As a double bonus, this vest was a stash buster. It’s made from the scraps of Cotton Ease in taupe that I used for my Hey Teach! sweater. I did not have enough of the taupe to finish the striping pattern, hence the excess white on the top of the front. I wasn’t sure about it at first but I think it works.

It was gifted to the Larson boys of Rapid City. The reviews are still out, but in all fairness it was likely overshadowed by the other sweater I gave them – baby sophisticate. That was a huge success.

Until next time, Faithful Reader…