In order to get some things put together for a fall open house, I managed to finish something.

This is a set of three small scarves that can double as cowls. They originated as sharply reduced yarn on Lion Brand. The ruffle texture is fun to create although a little time consuming. But they would make great gifts for a teenager or someone who likes a modish accessory.

My love of Noro has morphed into a love of shawl-knitting. At the end of summer I had several projects going that weren’t likely to get finished in the near future due to lack of interest and the knitting intensity required.

So I cast on for the first of these shawls and managed to crank them both out in two months. Seeing something leave the knitting basket for good was enough incentive to get me back on the knitting bandwagon. I had been fairly discouraged about how long my projects were taking and how unsatisfactory at least one of them was when I finished it. I am really struggling with fit on items I make for myself. The gauge is fine but the necks are often way too wide for me. I did not like. Fortunately, there’s no fitting with shawls and I like how both of these looked when I modeled them. Not granny at all, and just right for the air conditioning/odd climate in my office. One minute you’re freezing, the next you’re roasting.

I’ve now moved on to re-purposing some of the rejects into new sweaters that I hope won’t have gaping necks. And as usual, there are several things in the knitting basket I need to finish up. It’s getting crowded in there.