The knitting and I finished this scarf right before the New Year. It was intended as a Christmas present for Dee Cole, but was not done by Christmas and I couldn’t deliver it anyway because everyone in Union County was snowed in. We were knitting our brains out in between Barbie games at the Smith house and Dee Cole was crocheting dish clothes while waiting for her husband’s tractor to start so she could scale the driveway – crochet in hand – to go to church or somewhere that wasn’t her living room.

The snow did serve one positive purpose – I finished this scarf and made good headway on the Karnopple Scarf Part Two. 

I made a similar scarf for Dee Cole two years ago, which she lost somewhere – perhaps in a truck stop bathroom or while waiting in line to go in for recess. She requested a new one, which I dutifully made, although this is some of the most frustrating yarn to work with that I have yet to experience in my short knitting life. It tangles, it feels strange and you cannot rip it out without ripping your own hair out first. So, hopefully, she can keep track of this one because this is the last. She will have to crochet her own next time.