These socks definitely do rock. They also fit as you can see by the lovely foot modeling pictured above. While I was typing modeling I was thinking that it would be funny to type foot yodeling. What would that sound like? Probably pretty quiet. My feet speak, but it’s in a non-verbal capacity – mostly messages to me that amount to, “smarten up and stop wearing uncomfortable shoes.” Or the ever popular, “please sit down.” That’s all.

Anyway, these are my second completed pair of socks and I’m proud to say that I have no uncompleted pairs in the home wailing about the victimization of second sock syndrome. The knitting and I do not suffer from that. Our vaccination appears to be holding.

These socks were knit with Pea Soup Handmade in the colorway Leaf Litter. This yarn is very high quality, easy to knit, feels good on the fingers and would rather die than split. I love the colorway. It’s very fallish, but also a little party for the feet, especially when paired with the very plain, though reliable, tan pants. I cast on for these on Easter Sunday and managed to get them finished before June 15. Not great, but not bad. They were used predominantly as travel knitting so the finishing speed was quick considering I didn’t travel that much in May.

The Yarn Harlot was responsible for the pattern which is her basic sock recipe from the book Knitting Rules. I find this pattern to be very intuitive, easy to follow and helpful in the area of fit. I am sold.

That’s all on the sock front for today. Until next time, faithful reader …