Jamie Formanek is a girl with a fascination for anything horrifying or out of the ordinary. While most kids shy away from scary things, Jamie revels in them.
Currently she is a student at Watertown High School, and has been for the last two years. She is originally from Minot AFB (Air Force Base), North Dakota, where she was born and raised to the age of 15. She grew up with her three sisters; Ashley, 22, Brittany, 19, and Sammy, 15.
When not going to school, Jamie works at the library. She loves to read, particularly horror and supernatural stories. Aside from reading, Jamie also loves to write stories and poetry. It was this love of writing and reading that attracted the attention of her friend, Sara, who convinced her to come to this journalism camp. Jaime even rode from Watertown to Brookings with Sara and her mother.
Jaime plans on coming to South Dakota State University when she graduates next year and saw this as an opportunity to explore the campus. She plans on becoming a psychologist or a librarian.
Some unique things about Jaime, aside from her horror fascination, are that she does not watch TV, but she is a big movie fan. She likes dark colors and her favorite is black.
Jaime has struggled with asthma for a major part of her life but does not let it stop her from doing fun, exciting things. Some of these things that she wants to do before she dies are bungee jumping, parachuting, and riding the world’s fastest roller coaster. When asked why she wants to do these things she said, “Because of the horrifying excitement it has.”