Should you be a queen by the time you’re six? Probably not, however, Queen Ashlynn of the Southern Smiths requested that a red sweater be knit by one of her most faithful servants (me) and so it is. Granted, she asked for the sweater in November and got it in March – just in time for the spring thaw – but it is still a red sweater.

This delight was knit from one of my new favorite knitting books, More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, by Joelle Hoverson. This book has a good number of patterns I would like to try. It is a good sign that I’ve already made one project from the book and have plans for several more. Perhaps some pointed elf hats? Who knows. Often my knitting books arrive in the mail, I page through looking at the pretty pictures, and nothing more comes from it.

Anyway, this is the Cozy, Comfy Pullover. I made zero mods to the pattern, but was not terribly pleased with the decreases, which fortunately only show up on the back. I may not have placed them correctly, but I found the instructions for doing so somewhat confusing. I am not proud to report I was too lazy too look up any errata. Now that I know how it’s supposed to work I probably won’t have the same problem in the future. And I do see a Susan-sized version in the future, perhaps in some cream yarn, ala the book example.

I did receive preliminary approval from The Queen herself prior to its completion. And when I mailed said regent the completed product, screams of joy were reported in throughout the land. That’s really all a knitter can ask, isn’t it? Until later Faithful Reader …