I counted my Ravelry projects before the New Year arrived and discovered I had finished at least one project a month in 2010. Not a bad total for someone who works full time, is pursuing a master’s degree and manages to log a lot of road miles. So far 2011 is continuing in the same vein.

Feast your eyes on these lovelies:

This American Girl ensemble still needs the jacket and hat. I was supposed to have completed this by New Year's but it didn't happen. This was for my niece. I gave her the American Girl doll for Christmas. The outfit and doll were a hit. I discovered she is a big fan of loud colors paired together. Good to know, especially for the niece of Ms. Earth Tones.

Corrine Kallemeyn is one of my bestest besties and professed to love wearing scarves when she presented me with one for Christmas last year. I hope this was true as I knit up one of my souvenir skeins into this lovely. It can be worn with a coat or as an accessory, I think. It's fairly thin so it's probably not going to be much good at keeping out the cold of South Dakota's Midwinter.

I disovered the Knitted Neck Scarf when the Mason Dixons blogged about this pattern in November or something and I thought it was super cool. I think it would look great with a pea coat or tasteful cardigan, possibly in black. I may have one or two. Just saying. This project was not easy for me to figure out although I think it was supposed to be. Now that I know what I'm doing I plan to crank out three or four more - one for every cardigan. Cardigans for everyone.

And last but not least – the last finished item of 2010: Lisa’s scarf. Lisa is the Queen of the Universe, but unfortunately, given the title, she is unable to keep track of her scarves. I gave her a scarf last year for Christmas that she sadly left at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart shoppers, being wise to a good deal when they see one, snatched that scarf right up. So here is part two. I knit this in plain garter stitch which is my favorite stitch at the moment. Low stress, quick turnaround, satisfaction guaranteed.


I hope 2011’s productivity trend continues. I want this to be the year the Moderne Log Cabin blanket finds its way to the FO pile. It’s been hanging around for about six years. Here’s the short list of more projects designated for finished status before we ring in another new year:

1. Crochet-a-long afghan

2. Little Blue Sweater, started for the Winter Olympics last year.

3. Granny Square bag

4. Golf Club Covers

5. American Girl outfit

I’ve also begun the 2011 Clean Out the Stash Project. So stay tuned Faithful Reader. I hope to have more progress to report in short order.