Sewapalooza continued last week with the completion of these lovelies. They were originally cut in July 2009 and languished in the to-do pile since. The grey one was even pinned together and then packed for a recent move.

The bird skirt was nearly done and just needed the elastic casing and hem. In two manic late-night sessions last week I finished both of them – minus the final ironing. They are both now ready to be merged into the work wardrobe. I’m fairly happy with the fit on the grey skirt – the hem seems flattering and the knit fabric is not too clingy. I’m less sure about the birds. I didn’t have enough bird fabric for a solid birdy skirt so I tacked on the black. Calf-level may not have been the best choice for a big strip of black. I’m going to wear them to work anyway and let the Fashion Police have the final judgment.

I’m also a little unsure of the hem length. It’s at the Clinton and Stacy prescribed length, just below the knee, which should be fine. It may not help that I tried them on while wearing white anklets. I am pleased to report that I did not need a special needle to sew the gray knit. My machine had no problems with it and since it came from the remnant bin I doubt it was top of the line. So make a note of that if the “special needle” requirement has kept you from diving into your knit fabric pile.

At any rate, I’m happy to have these two items off the to do pile because there is no shortage of projects in that queue. Until next time, Faithful Reader …