About a month ago I purchased this owl fabric from an Etsy shop, the name escapes me, and determined it would make some swell knitting bags. I like to have a light bag in the purse to keep sock needles from rolling all over the bottom and disengaging from their assigned sock. But I think it goes without saying that  I didn’t want to add any significant weight to the grip.

Several years ago I bought a new iron and a little drawstring bag came along for the cover. The knitting quickly appropriated it for its purposes. However, it became inconvenient when more than one project at a time wanted to go on a trip. Do you take the current project out and switch in the new project? Do you designate one project as the on-the-go knitting? You can see where jealousy could erupt. No one benefits from enraged knitting.

So I determined that a couple more drawstring bags – one made slighty larger for the more portly projects. And we all know there’s nothing the knitting loves more than an owl print.

After diddling around for quite awhile and mulling over how I would make these bags, I just sat down and did it – in about a half hour. There was some piecing involved when I didn’t have quite enough to make the larger bag and one for the socks.

I was quite proud of myself and so was the knitting. Both are currently in use and doing a bang up job. My only regret is the original ironing board cover bag is now Number 3 in the rotation. It doesn’t seem quite fair after so many years of faithful service.

And I can now cross at least one thing off the project list. Hooray! Until next time Faithful Reader …