Of course many babies are concerned with their individual levels of sophistication – do these booties say future Harvard Law graduate? Should I consider a boater over the traditional knitted cap? Is this the appropriate hooded jacket for morning wear? Appearance is everything. Thank goodness there is a pattern that takes these needs into consideration.

As the knitting and I were discussing which pattern to knit for the newest addition to the notably sophisticated Ross/Larson family we determined that this pattern was a no-brainer. Consider the tasteful shawl collar – perhaps a precursor to the cardigan a future captain of industry would wear while relaxing in his home library. The buttons are also quite delightful even if they were purchased from the somewhat less than sophisticated, although still impactful, Wal-Mart.

Some deets on this pattern: I started it this winter sometime – either November or January. I  claimed January on Ravelry to feel better about the fact that this sweater took much longer than necessary to complete. I zipped along until it came time to do the sleeves/collar portion and then this project fell off the rails. I found out months later that the sleeves and collar were no big deal. This sweater would probably knit up in a week if worked on consistently and providing that yarn quantities were sufficient – something I have yet to master. Adding the buttons also proved to be a rather relaxed affair but took all of 15 minutes. The irony.

Be sure to take note of the “knitting in the wild” aspect of the first photo. This image was artistically captured on my patio and I’m sure we all appreciate the juxtaposition of the blue sweater next to the green chairs, all of it back lit with the afternoon sun slanting fetchingly through obviously sophisticated foliage. The knitting and I do not mess around where photographing our knits are concerned.

I had hoped for more FO reports this week, but sadly, the nearly done are still languishing in the spare room closet. I have high hopes for next week – which I will prove to be fruitful. Until then Faithful Reader …