Flower photos that replaced regular knitting posts on my blogs of choice used to disappoint me. Until I had some flowers of my own to post. These posies bloomed on my patio this weekend. I was stunned. They had been growing but I thought they were A: victims of frostbite; or B: waiting to get some height before they opened up.

I was pleasantly surprised! And so was the knitting. Due to extensive homework and dirty patio furniture, we were prevented from spending some quality time sunning ourselves on the aforementioned patio. But it was delightful to glance outside after successfully shaking off the homework ball and chain to fetch the next Diet Dr. Pepper or Twix mini candy bar, to see these beauties strutting their stuff.

Hopefully you’re not disappointed with this nature shot. I probably would be. If so, don’t worry, knitting content returns tomorrow. Til then, Faithful Reader…