One evening the knitting and I decided to begin a new project, even though we already have so many projects. We’d also been looking at a book we don’t use much anymore now that we know how to knit. But we needed it to remember how to do a single crochet decrease. The crochet was no help with this – too busy watching American Idol.

The book contained a cute pattern for a baby/toddler vest that we thought would do the trick in using up some leftover Lion Brand Cotton Ease in taupe, one of our favorite yarns of all time. It is so cheap, so soft and smooshy, and not totally made of petroleum.

And so we began. Shortly we decided some thin white stripes, made from other Cotton Ease we happened to have on hand, would look kicky and break up the taupe.

After determining the color scheme, we knit with joyful abandon until we reached the shoulders of the front of the vest and realized, yes, you guessed it, we did not have enough taupe to finish our striping pattern.

We consulted one of the wise and wonderful of the Internet about our plan to experiment with the color placement and knit the rest of the shoulders in white. The back would not be the same, but our knitting adviser said, try it and see. And yes, more taupe could have been purchased, but this project was to use up yarn, not give reasons to buy more. That really isn’t necessary in the Smith house.

So we tried it! And the result? You see it below. We think it worked. It looks kicky, maybe a little abstract (we may be deluding ourselves here) but all in all a success. What do you think Faithful Reader?

Upon further consideration, we may consider adding buttons to the side that would be more decoration than working buttons as we did not include buttonholes in our game plan.

Until next time, Faithful Reader…