Here’s some blogworthy content, discovered while scrolling through random photos. I completed these pillows in January. It took me probably an hour from start to finish. They were created from two old shirts owned by a friend’s husband. She wanted to commemorate them as they were his favorites, but apparently also wanted to eliminate the possibility that he would ever wear them again. Nice way to disguise the fact that you are disposing of his belongings.

This was close to three years ago. They languished in my sewing room, in a plastic sack that I thought was something else, until this year. Then I bought a house and began getting ready to move. I decided the shirt pillows were not going with me. And frankly, it was high time they went back to their rightful owners. Reviews were mixed, but the gift was presented in front of me and I think came as a surprise. It’s probably difficult to digest: Here are some pillows for you. They’re made out of your old shirts. Susan made them for you and she’s standing right here. Meanwhile, the mind is processing the fact that the shirts are gone, you have to make it look like you always wanted homemade pillows as a gift and have to do so happily since your wife’s good friend made them and is standing right next to you. Nothing like coming home for lunch and being thrown on a roller coaster.

At any rate, I hope they did up the man cave real nice.

Until next time Faithful Reader …