I considered making this two blog posts in order to get credit for two in one day but then thought, knowing your track record, years gone by without blogging, just cut to the chase and get the info out to the faithful readers. Perhaps there’s one. Hello? Anyone out there?

Anyway, first things first. I broke down and bought, what, wait for it, you guessed it, a swift! I had talked myself into and out of this purchase many times. Should I get one? Yes! Ease of winding yarn, less tangles, more fun knitting gadgets! Hooray. But then, no, don’t get it, wind it around the spindles of your rocking love seat. It works fine. Embrace your pioneer spirit and Scottish frugality (cheapness) and carry on. But then, I bought a house, moved and you guessed it, got rid of the love seat. So there was really no recourse. I needed that swift. I had eliminated the homemade yarn winder from my life! You’re with me, right? I bought this one from Ebay for roughly $25 I think. It is a nice wood with movable dowel rods to accommodate large or sm

all skeins. One of the ends became tangled in the first run of the sock yarn, but I solved that by tying it up on one of the dowel rods. Worked great. I can wind while watching TV. And it’s true, no more tangles. And a new knitting gadget! What could be better?

Here's the swift. Hooray!

Maybe some Olympic knitting?

Here is the little blue sweater from Interweave Knits Fall 2008, cripes that was a long time ago. I think I’ve had the yarn since Fall 2008 as well and finally bit the bullet for my Olympic

challenge which techically were the cables on this thing. My New Year’s resolution in 2008 was to knit socks and cables. It took until this year for me to take a stab at both. Although technically I started my first socks in 2009 they weren’t both done until 2010 and now I am comfortable with cables as well. I feel such a sense of victory – Olympic even. However, the Little Blue Olympic sweater is not done, it is more done than it looks in this photo. I am about to divide for the front and back. I diverged from the pattern by knitting it in the round to the armholes. Very brave, no? I am stunning myself and also Faithful Reader I’m sure.

I’ve set a new goal to have this done by March 15 – a one-month goal and hopefully I can pull it off. Fingers crossed!

Until next time ….