Feast your eyes, blog readers (if there are any) on the Meret Beret knit for Jennifer Novotny, knitting fan and scarf aficionado.  She received the matching scarf last year as a commissioned knit project. The scarf is very long, huge, measured against my larger frame. The hat is also a little big but Miz Novotny was very happy to receive it as many hats apparently do not fit her head adequately. Sad story, I can relate.

Anyway, this was a fun project to knit. The pattern was free and I enjoyed watching the lace pattern emerge. This yarn could be a little softer but it is a good knitter. The knitting itself commented often on how smoothly the project was coming together most likely due to my quality knitting skills, but also because of the yarn choice.

I was very glad to get this done and present it. There was much celebrating, which was a boost to my knitterly self-esteem. I had also been planning it for a year and when I finally found the blog on the A Little Loopy blog it was a Eureka moment and a good thing to have off the knitting list. We would knit this pattern again in a New York minute, wouldn’t we knitting?

And here is our ever-willing knitwear model to present a 3-D option.