This is the fun fur scarf the knitting made for Mrs. Dee Cole of Alcester, SD. She loves the fun fur like no other. I made her the first fun fur scarf a couple of years ago, but it was lost during an unfortunate conclusion to an otherwise lovely dining experience with Tom Cole, her long-time boyfriend/husband.

I embarked on the second installment in late December and completed it during Snowed In 2009. Five days in rural Union County is plenty of time to finish a fun fur scarf and make a good start on a second. This of course included breaks for multiple games of Barbie, Go Fish, painting and snow pile climbing.

The Bestie asked: Who’s that for?

I responded: Mrs. Cole.

Then, do you want one?

Bestie: No, it looks like a boa.

Indeed it does Bestie, however, Dee Cole is very fabulous and will wear the scarfboa with grace and elegance. It is also quite warm and looks dynamic with a variety of Mrs. Cole coats and ensembles.

Enjoy your scarf Dee Cole. Try not to leave it in any restaurants.

The post order is off here because Word Press ate this the first time I wrote it. Happy New Year.