Karnopple Scarf Part Two

The knitting’s Christmas vacation did not involve much vacationing aside from the Bud Light Lime it consumed in front of the Smith’s big screen during the rare moments of TV viewing I allowed it. I kept the Nitro Circus to a three-episode minimum. However, putting its nose to the grindstone did result in many completed rows of Karnopple Scarf Part Two.

This is the second in a series of scarves knit for the delightful Adam Karnopp, who received a lovely green, moss stitch scarf last year. That scarf received rave reviews and not so subtle hints from its fans. I hope for the same from this year’s installment.

The 2010 version was constructed of Bernat Jacquards of the self-striping variety. It amused me to watch the various patterns emerge. I copied the Brooklyn Tweed 1×1 rib pattern. I attempted a stockinette stitch pattern first but it rolled too much. The 1×1 rib solved that problem and imitates the look of stockinette. It also gave the scarf more weight, but sadly less flexibility. It did not work to tie it in the preferred European style. Nevertheless, the pattern was a fun knit, the yarn was soft and great to work with, and the recipient appeared happy with it. Success on all fronts.