Time marches on and this – the world’s longest knitting project – gets bigger and bigger. I’ve worked on this for three years at least. Actually I’ve lost track but I know I still worked at our state legislature when I began this and I thought it was going to be done long ago. It’s the moderne log cabin blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting. The pattern caught my eye on my first page through and I prompty cast on.

The wlkp is not still on the needles because I dislike it. It’s terriby relaxing to work row after row of garter stitch watching it grow inch by precious inch. It gets pushed to the back burner in favor or smaller, more portable projects, baby gifts and commissions for friends (yes, I’m working on it).

After a fit of working on it this winter it has been relegated to the back room again until some other projects are out of the way.  The wlkp has its own knitting bag, from knitpicks no less, such is the status it’s achieved. But it’s down to the last three squares. They are huge but it may be possible for this thing to grace the sofa in my office by this Christmas. (Its washability will be beneficial in that location.)the knitting (and crocheting) 026 Amazing. A Christmas miracle. Fingers crossed.