D3 is the nickname I’ve given my good friend Denise’s baby. He is David Larson the third, hence the D3. His mother and I met when we were both reporting on the South Dakota Legislature. Part of the reason Denise decided to stop covering the session was to start a family. So it is with great joy that this little bundle was welcomed into the South Dakota media community. I recently visited D3 in his home environment – Rapid City – where I’m happy to report he was already broadcasting news items, in baby speak but it all counts. 

 He was wearing the booties. Can you imagine? He’s a baby after any knitter’s heart. The hat won’t fit until he’s four according to his mother, but never mind. He modeled the sweater in some Easter photos. It is hard to imagine how cute that might have been. He’s cute enough without the hand knits.

Thanks for humoring the knit freaks, D3. d3s handknits